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Hello Internet,

We have been through half a year now working on the growth of our Studio here in
Madagascar. There was many rough moments like when we created the company from
0$ fund and the time we have spent before the first client project delivery.

I have myself decided to reconsider my whole vision of my career even with my 10 years
of background doing 3D art in many fields, this adventure made me felt like a
“newbie”. It’s been a while that i was thinking about “jumping” into entrepreneurship but there was this constant blocage inside my brain concerning the marketing side of our job.

When i finally did the first step, i have sadly noticed that i was right about that.
Marketing is a thing, and i do understand now why people end up “spaming” people working in other company because it is hard to feed business without mastering sales.

Especially in Business to Business Marketing, there is a special approach that you need to
understand and practice in order to work efficiently as a marketer or a CEO.

I Started the creation of the studio with an ASUS core i5 / 8gigs laptop and no graphic card, knowing that the goal is to offer a 3D modeling and high-end rendering services for company in architecture and real estate fields. I did not had any recent portfolio to publish as long as all my previous work were copyrighted by the company i was working for.

So i decided to dive into my first render using my ASUS laptop and it was a mess. 10 years ago it would be completely fine but using 3DsMax and rendering with V-ray 4 on that setup was kind of tricky, but i got through it with the support of my loved ones.

Here was our first render :

The second one :

The third one:

After that, we managed to buy our first Archviz suitable computer (Intel i7 7700 / 32gigs / Nvidia Gtx 960). In the meantime my Friend Tombo Andriamahatana (Tomixbo) proposed me his help and together we did rocked until the end of 2020, delivering over 42 render for 3 different clients.

Sarobidy Rabetsimamanga helped me a lot, building the website and writting all the terms of our contract along with our company advocat. We decided to work on our trademark using only Digital Marketing, especially because of the Covid 19 and the fact we would not be able to buy ourselves an airplane trip just to do prospection at the moment. Project from project we were able to publish on our network over 30 finished renders with the permission of some of our client.

Sarobidy decided to step into 3D with more serious goal this year by the 2nd january 2021. I am used to teach but it was hard this time to do the same as i always did, because i had to be the coach, the provider, the marketer and the manager of the story. She finally got through it with her strong mindset and conviction.

With our help, she reached this level:

Some other friends decided to join our adventure, and we decided to hire a new member: Malalatiana Olivia, to be responsible of the marketing aspect of the company. We are not yet out of danger, but there is a french saying “Petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid.” so the team is quite confident about our ability to climb step by step toward “success”.

I am writting this article to share our feeling, our path and the mindset we want to brandish. The Studio is going to offer high quality services for other fellow company without forgeting to be artist friendly, we would love to learn about your project and gain experience from your challenge. Please give us a shot because we are only waiting for that.

We are hoping that you and your loved ones are doing well.

Sending you good vibes from Madagascar.

  • Mad Sparrow
    avril 12, 2020

    Blue. Engaging. It keeps your mind occupied while you wait.

  • Mad Sparrow
    avril 12, 2020

    Mmh wondering if this comment will hit the generateor as well…

    • Mad Sparrow
      avril 12, 2020

      My 31 year old nephew rates this colour palette very exquisite 🙂

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